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About research

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2020, January 27 - 2:39pm

The Faculty of Biology consists of 16 Departments/Laboratories. Research conducted at the Faculty includes a variety of aspects of biological objects ranging from the molecular organization of life (molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry) through the cellular (microbiology, cytology) and up to the level of whole animal and plant organisms (e.g. physiology of plants and animals, taxonomy of plants, animals and fungi, parasitology). Much attention is devoted to the issues of ecology and environmental protection, as well as evolutionisms. The research is conducted using both state of the art and classical methods in standard and specialized laboratories. Faculty has also separated greenhouse and animal facility. A significant part of the research is conducted in the field, both in Poland and abroad, e.g. in the Arctic regions, South America, south Africa, China, and many others.

The Faculty has established broad international collaboration. Many projects are carried as joint research programmes.

Detailed information about various research Project conducted currently by the Faculty members is available in sections of the individual Departments.