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2021, January 15 - 9:39am
Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinator

Adrianna Kilikowska, PhD

e-mail: adrianna.kilikowska@ug.edu.pl

Phone:  +48 58 523 61 19


Incoming students

ERASMUS+ 2014-2021

Faculty of Biology

Students can study at the Faculty of Biology if there exists a valid inter-institutional agreement for the academic year 2019/2021 between the sending institution and the Faculty of Biology (please find enclosed the useful attachments and the list of the valid inter-institutional agreements).



  1. https://en.ug.edu.pl/incoming_students/erasmus
  2. https://ug.edu.pl/sites/default/files/_nodes/strona/33377/files/wykaz_umow_erasmus_2020-2021_0.pdf


Courses offered in Pollish at the Faculty of Biology University of Gdansk:

Information in PDF file



Traineeships programme

Students are warmly welcome for a summer internship at the Faculty of Biology (please find enclosed the useful attachments concerning application procedure and the list of Departments at the Faculty of Biology to which you can apply).




  1. https://ug.edu.pl/sites/default/files/_nodes/strona/88604/files/letter_of_intent_19-20_50-lecie_0.docx
  2. https://ug.edu.pl/sites/default/files/_nodes/strona/88604/files/formularz_stypendysty_erasmus_praktyki_2019-2020_50-lecie_0.pdf
  3. https://en.biology.ug.edu.pl/faculty_1/organizational_structure